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P17s path to a sustainable future

 Are you living in Kinsale or surrounding area? Would you like to save on your energy bills? Kinsale Community Energy Project (KCEP) can help you to make energy improvements to your home and secure group discounts with local energy companies. Our community initiative will make your home more comfortable while reducing your CO2 emissions.
Up to 90% grants are available!

Better for you & Better for the Planet

KCEP is looking at ways our community can transition to renewable energy. If every house insulated their attic to current recommended insulation, we can reduce energy consumption and help reduce our CO2 emissions.

Read a very helpful article local architect Dr Marc Ó'Riain has written in the Irish Examiner. 

A community driven solution to save you money

We can assist in the process to retro-fit your home, business or community building in order to help you save on your energy bills.

Changes to consider:

insulation, draft proofing

low energy lighting

efficient energy controls

heap pump

deep retrofit


People power to bring about change

We are looking to help improve the energy efficiency of the local housing stock. Saving you money by reducing your energy costs, and making your homes more comfortable. A win for everyone.

All playing our part for
the planet

Transitioning to a low and renewable energy future is vital for future sustainability, our children's future, and for reducing CO2 emissions to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown


Taking positive action together

Moving towards a green, cleaner future



Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan



Energy Forum Evenings

Recent News





Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan

KEDAP - a student project at Kinsale College which inspired the  formation of  Transition Town Kinsale  (TTK)



Energy Forum

Energy - Our Vision

Kinsale is a carbon neutral town with energy supplied by a number of renewable sources.

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