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Energy Savings in our homes

Get in touch to find out more or to sign up to be part of our retrofit schemes.

We are currently running a group purchase scheme with Clean Energy Ireland and Energy Wise - 8 participants have completed work so far.

We also have a successful Better Energy Community Grant underway .

“Working together to map out and work towards our low carbon future”

From those who have participated

'The company installed the 10 solar panels in one and a half days and they are working great. You can see exactly how much energy you are generating and from May to September we have been able to to charge our electric car at home directly from the solar panels so no trips to the petrol station and only clean green energy! We have lots of hot water from the panels also and they work away with no input from us and feed the grid when we are not using electricity. - KCEP were a great help'

Mairéad - Dunderrow.

Our Experience of installing PV

We had been looking at getting solar panels for some time and on a recommendation, we contacted PV generation. Using our electricity bills, we were advised that 10 panels would give us optimum supply. This would also facilitate the charging of an electric car in the future.

The installation was arranged and when the team arrived the scaffolding was erected and work began on removing some tiles to accommodate the fixtures for the panels. It was all done efficiently and took half a day. The instrument engineers then began the process of calibrating the systems to ensure they all communicated properly (WiFi). They explained and demonstrated how to use the water heating diverter and they answered lots of questions until we understood.

In the following weeks, they organised for an inspection to give us our new BER rating. We then got an SEAI grant towards the cost. Since then, our electricity bills are less than half for the same period in previous years. We look forward to being paid for the electricity that we export to the grid.

Dave and Ann Boyd, Kinsale

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